WILDLIFE MALLORCA was set up in 2013 by two biologists;  who are incredibly passionate about the wildlife of the island: Majorca. Both live on this island and are specialists ¡n the natural environment, the management of biodiversity and the conservation of nature areas. Our aim is the development of sustainable tourism. So we decided to offer wildlife holidays in Majorca.

The nature of Majorca is extremely important to us and is quite unknown to people outside of the island. We would like to grow awareness and, responsible tourism and subsequently sensitize people for the natural and cultural values ​​of Majorca offering nature holidays on this island. The island is a valuable treasure that needs to be maintained and cherished at any time. We want people to visit us, make their own experience and rate it on their own. Our wish is that people, who visit us, return with a deep sense of nature, an amazing experience and lasting memory of our island.

Wildlife Mallorca does not only prepares activities for tourists but also organizes activities for residents and schools in order to introduce local environmental treasures.  We teach and inform people about awareness to reduce their impacts.

Our activities are very diverse and all various activities can be organized throughout the day and during nature holidays.

• Nature Activities: Bird-watching, exploring nature, discovering wild beaches, mycological tourism and, bids on bike.

• Adventure activities: kayaking, snorkeling, mountain bike, horse riding, bike rides and individual and coordinated activities.

• Gastronomic activities: visiting oil mills, wine cellars and wineries as SUAU traditional wineries.

We offer ecotourism and advise tourists to be responsible. So one of our slogans is not bad but travelers are not informed traveller. One of our slogans is: there are no bad tourists, but uninformed tourists.

We understand that responsible tourism such as ecotourism that protect the environment and allows a community to develop sustainably. We teach tourists to enjoy and appreciate the natural areas and appreciate the natural areas and how reduce its impacts. Ecotourism protect the environment while helping the community to develop in a sustainable way.

Get many tourists turn their travel and lifestyle with more respect the environment such that ecotourism  protects the environment while helping the community to develop in a sustainable way, so that their nature holidays become a unique experience.

Wildlife Mallorca organizes and prepares courses for schools: primary, secondary, higher education and family workshops.

Our courses and workshops for schools are based on learning the recycling process of resources such as using oil for making soaps, cooking jams or creating candles. These courses are focused on building awareness of the importance of environmental recycling.

In addition, we offer courses which point out the problems of fire in our region.

We organize specific courses for biology students or other environmental science careers with a practically and theoretically part. These courses are taught by doctors in biology or university professors.

Just as in the section on teaching, on weekends we organize activities for residents. To increase its appeal combined activities, we offer a good tour of nature accompanied by a local product such as a visit to an olive press. With this activity we want to increase the natural and cultural values for our residents. Respect for the natural environment, cultural, and traditional knowledge.